WC Students Participate in El Dorado Forestry Challenge

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Seniors Eva Tyannikov, Quinn Carranza, Anya Westerfield, Jadon Wilson, and junior Katherine James participated in the El Dorado Forestry Challenge, a four day field trip where students from 16 schools from surrounding districts came together to collect data on natural regeneration within Leoni Meadows after the Caldor Fire. The students determined if the natural regeneration of seedlings was sufficient to support the growth of a new, healthy and diverse forest environment. 

The field trip was insightful about current forestry management and the impact of wildfires on forest ecosystems. Forestry professionals spent time with the students familiarizing them with common tree species, forestry tools, and the use of identification keys. Students worked together to complete a comprehensive field test, which includes identifying and measuring trees, analyzing stand data, and making forest management decisions. They composed a fifteen minute presentation with their solution to regenerating the Leoni Meadows property. 

The students who attended highly recommend this field trip for those interested in environmental science, biology, ecology, or any life science. They exercised soft skills like team building, communication, presentational speaking, and time management. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience and the memories and friends they made out of it.