Biology Homework 2018 – 2019

Tuesday March 26th 

1st Period — Red Haired family pedigree (on back of Belcher Pedigree) due tomorrow March 27th in class as well as edits to today’s CER

3rd Period — By tomorrow Wed March 28th…complete the Belcher Pedigree Handout and also do the Red Hair Family Pedigree on the back of the handout. Use the same symbols and lines as instructed on the front of the handout 

Monday March 25th 

​CER tomorrow on Sexual Selection — review all data, the videos on edmodo, AND the purple doodle sheet!

Friday March 22nd 

Extinction Project Check In #3 due to edmodo on 3/29 — see edmodo for more information!

Wednesday February 20, 2019

Nitrogen Cycle Reading, Reread and Annotate, ??s, and Reading Guide — due by Friday!

Tuesday February 19, 2019

See edmodo for Carbon Cycle and tomorrow’s quiz on biosynthesis and photosynthesis!

Thursday February 15, 2019 

Finish the 4-corners activity — make sure that you have 3 pieces of evidence and reasoning.  

Thursday February 7, 2019 

Read, reread and annotate the photosynthesis reading.  Fill in the boxes on the diagram with the appropriate term 

Tuesday February 5, 2019

Read the carbon dioxide and plant lab and be ready to determine what will be tested in tomorrow’s lab!

Thursday January 31 2019

Read the Blood Glucose Regulation Lab and prepare for a pre-activity quiz 

Tuesday January 29th 2019

Read, Reread and Annotate the Protein Function Reading 1/31/19

Complete the Reading Guide by Thurs 1/31/19



Friday January 11, 2019

Complete the cellular respiration review handout in preparation for the quiz on Tuesday 1/15 

Tuesday January 8, 2019 

​​​Read, annotate and answer questions on ATP, NADH, FADH2

Monday January 7, 2019 

Research for Extinction Project Check In #2 due Wednesday 1/9/19 to edmodo 

Friday December 21, 2018

See edmodo for updates for the final exam!!

Monday December 17, 2018 

Assessment on Friday 12/21 on phenol red lab

Friday December 14, 2018 

Diabetes Reading and Questions Due Monday 12/17

Glycogen Reading and Questions Due Monday 12/17

Friday December 7, 2018

Test on Chemical Reactions Test on Monday 12/10

Wednesday December 5, 2018

See edmodo for Model Statements

Complete PQM — phenomenon, question, model — Handout by tomorrow Thursday 12/6

Test on Chemical Reactions Monday 12/10 — see edmodo for details and review all notes!!!

Monday December 3, 2018

Quiz on Wed 12/5 on STD/STI presentations from last week 

Friday November 9, 2018

Extinction Project Research Turned into Edmodo by Wed 11/14

Monday November 5, 2018

Finish the Calorie King activity that we started today in class.  Make sure that you complete the last section where you have to total all of your information!

Monday October 29, 2018

Review for assessment on Wed. 10/31

Friday October 26, 2018 

By Monday finish the 2nd model statement as well as the evidence and reasoning to support it!

Tuesday October 23, 2018

Read, reread and annotate the Lamarck and Darwin Handout by tomorrow Wed 10/24!!

Monday October 22, 2018

Finch Story Re-write DUE TOMORROW — Tuesday 10/21 — See edmodo for more specific details 

Friday October 19, 2018

Complete Wormeaters Analysis Questions — Due Tuesday 10/23

Thursday October 18, 2018

See edmodo for analysis questions from todays activity!  The answers should be put in box “I. Oh Deer” on the yellow doodle!

Read Wormeaters Lab Activity Handout that you got in class.  Review procedures carefully as there will be a pre-activity quiz tomorrow Friday 10/19!!!

Wednesday October 17, 2018

See edmodo for the sheep simulation link — review the simulation online and finish the handout from class!

Monday October 15, 2018

Work on extinction project research! Research URLs and information is due on Wed 10/24

Friday October 12, 2018

Work on extinction project research!  See edmodo for details

Monday October 8, 2018

Review for written assessment tomorrow Tuesday 10/9 on Populations Dynamics — Moose and Wolves

See edmodo for more information! 

Tuesday October 2, 2018 

Analyze the moose and wolf graph, using the following sentence frame… you must provide 3 examples.  

From _______________ to ________________ (years) the data shows that as _______________changes (increases, decreases, etc) _________________ changes (increases, decreases, etc).  A potential explanation is ___________________.  

This is due tomorrow Wednesday October 3rd

Tuesday September 25, 2018

Graphing Test on Friday 9/28 — Review Graphing Notes — Graphing Packet will be returned tomorrow!

Monday September 24, 2018

Complete the Sixth Mass Extinction Questions on the back of the Summary Protocol  handout

Thursday September 20, 2018

Read, reread and annotate “Sixth Mass Extinction” Handout 

Tuesday September 18, 2018

Graphing Practice Packet Due this Friday September 21st!

Friday September 14, 2018 

Lab Safety Quiz Corrections due on a separate sheet of paper on Monday September 17, 2018

Thursday September 6, 2018

Complete the back of the “Know Your Seed” Handout!  For Part A make sure that you justify why you chose “O” for observation or “I” for inference, next to the given statement!

Student Science Safety Agreement is due tomorrow 9/7 — make sure that you have parent signature!

Wednesday September 5, 2018

Review for Safety Test Tomorrow Thursday 9/6

Tuesday September 4, 2018

Review safety handout from class today for a safety test on Thursday 9/6/18. Remember to review all regulations, and pay particular attention to the ones we highlighted in class!

Review “Student Science Safety Agreement” have it signed by you and your parent and return by Friday 9/7.

Friday August 31, 2018

Review syllabus sheet and have half-sheet signed by parent.  

Thursday August 30, 2018

Biology Bingo Quiz – review the science-based questions from today’s in class activity for an extra credit quiz in class tomorrow Friday 8/31/18