Start Thinking About After High School

Start Thinking About After High School
Students! You need to begin thinking about what is after high school. Why? Because there are important things you should be doing NOW for your college application………….
VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE: This is a very important area for your college application. Go to and find out different things you can do in your neighborhood!!
LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: Become involved in your school and join a club. If you hold an office in a club, or if you’re in ASB, that’s great leadership experience!!

INTERESTS: Begin thinking about what you would like to study in college. Having problems figuring this out? Go to and find out amazing facts about careers!!
EXPLORE COLLEGES: Start searching colleges by the tips of your fingers! Go to for virtual tours of campuses!! If you travel this summer, stop by and explore the college in the area!!
TEST PREPARATION: It is important to begin practicing the two types of college entrance assessments to begin feeling comfortable with the format of each. Check out these websites: (SAT Test Prep) (ACT Test Prep)