West Campus 2018 Summer Assignments

12th Grade

AP Government 

AP Government Summer assignment

AP Government Summer reading

AP Government–Supreme Court Case Analysis

AP Literature and Composition

Summer reading for AP Lit & Comp

AP Spanish

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The summer homework will be posted there.  Nos vemos en agosto.

English 12

English 12 Summer reading

Honors Chemistry

AP Calculus BC

Summer homework for AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

Summer homework for AP Statistics

11th Grade

English 11

English 11 Summer Reading

AP Language and Composition

11th Grade–AP Language and Composition Summer reading

AP Biology

AP US History (APUSH)

AP US HISTORY (APUSH) Summer reading

10th Grade

AP World History

Introduction to AP World History


Chapter 1: Ways of the World

Chapter 1 Reading Guide

Chapter 1, Exercise 1


Chapter 2: Ways of the World

Chapter 2 Reading Guide

Chapter 2, Exercise 1


Crash Course #1

Crash Course #2


 ”Must Know” Vocabulary


Advanced English

10th Grade Advanced English Summer Reading

English 10

10th Grade College Prep English Summer Reading

9th Grade


9th Grade English Summer Reading