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First Day of School Edition - August 30, 2023

E-mail blast

Hello West Campus Families,

Welcome back to school for the first day of the 2023 -2024 School Year!  Staff has been preparing for the arrival of students and look forward to an excellent and smooth start to the school year.

Our counselors have been reviewing schedule change request submissions diligently over the past few days – all students should confirm their schedule for tomorrow via the Infinite Campus portal – the schedule as listed there will be up to date and accurate.

Please note that all pick up and drop off of students will take place in the front of the school as the back parking lot is reserved for staff parking – each spot will be numbered and assigned to a specific staff member this year.  Student parking will be available in the front parking lot.  When dropping off in the front lots, please be mindful of walking students and be patient when driving through.

Many teachers will have ice-breakers and team building activities over the next two days with content being eased in over the course of the first few days.  Please support your students by asking them about their school day to keep the excitement of the start of school moving forward. 

Please note our new, schoolwide cell phone policy – details included below and posted to the student handbook section of the website. 

In the news below, please check for more information on Back to School Night, Senior Sunrise, Freshmen Elections, and Club Rush.

See you tomorrow!

-John McMeekin, Principal

In this week's news:

Cell Phone Policy


For the 2023-2024 School Year, we have ordered cell phone pockets for each teaching staff member.  These large, hanging pockets will have an individual spot for 36 cell phones in each classroom.  Classroom policies will include that students will place their phone in their assigned, numbered pocket upon arrival to class each day in each class.