Academic Departments

West Campus Academic Departments


Welcome to our West Campus family!  

We are honored to serve this engaged and empowered community of learners, and we are delighted that you are interested in learning more about West Campus High School and the extraordinary opportunities we offer our students.

Our educators are dedicated to educating minds and cultivating the hearts of our students, and we do so in a diverse community of gifted students, exemplary faculty, and dedicated staff. We recognize that our students are game changers and we challenge each individual to personalize his or her path to college and career readiness through academic rigor, leadership development, extracurricular exploration, and spiritual growth. At West Campus, our students learn to change the world, and it begins right here in every classroom.

We would love to share more about our outstanding learning community and explore how we can partner to educate the next generation of leaders. Please feel free to contact members in each department if you have questions regarding classroom norms, expectations, homework, and content.

Engineering Department


Welcome to the West Campus Engineering Department!  Follow us on Instagram @westcampusengineering.  The emphasis is to get the students to be problem solvers using teamwork, a problem-solving process, and creativity

English Department


Welcome to the English Department at West Campus High School! The department offers a variety of classes at the college preparatory and Advanced Placement levels. Each course trains students in the core skills of critical reading, critical thinking, critical writing, and effective oral expression – the cornerstones of a lifetime of independent learning. Our educators offer a wealth of knowledge and take pride in educating the whole child.

Our English teachers this year are the following:

Mathematics Department


Welcome to the Mathematics Department at West Campus! Our department believes in and delivers a comprehensive as well as applicable foundation of mathematics skills for students in order to prepare them for any of the different post-secondary directions they may choose. We provide a strong and broad curriculum ranging from Integrated Math 1-3, AP Calculus (AB), AP Calculus (BC), and AP Statistics. All of this takes place with the goal of improving the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills of every student at West Campus.

Physical Education Department


The Physical Education Department is focused on providing students with the necessary tools to be physically active for life. We accomplish this by focusing our efforts on three educational areas: movement skills and knowledge, personal development, and social development. When students graduate from West Campus they will understand the importance of, and have an appreciation for, lifelong activity. This, in turn, will encourage our students to become responsible citizens of our global community.

Our teachers this year are the following:

Science Department


In order to prepare our students for a world that is increasingly centered on information and technology, the Science Department offers a solid science program that is both flexible and diverse. Specifically, we offer Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, AP Physics 1 & 2, AP Biology, and Honors Chemistry.

This year, our science teachers are the following:

Social Science Department


Welcome to the world of Social Studies! The department adheres to the belief that effective democracy requires an educated electorate and involved citizenry. The department remains committed to enabling students to find, process, and utilize information in order to develop and articulate positions on the issues that impact contemporary society and incorporates the idea that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

World Language Department


Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos to the World Language Department at West Campus. The department offers college preparatory classes at all levels, including Advanced Placement. We recognize the importance of languages other than English, along with other cultures, and we integrate the practice and the knowledge of both. Students come to West with a variety of languages, heritages, and cultures that we like to share and embrace in our classrooms.