Engineering Department

Engineering Department


AP Computer Science Classes are now open. Details are in the Google Classrooms.

AP Computer Science A (Java Programming)
Google Classroom Link Code 2mlnrpy

AP Computer Science Principles
Google Classroom Link Code ambmsxo

Welcome to the West Campus Engineering Department!  Follow us on Instagram @westcampusengineering.  The emphasis is to get the students to be problem solvers using teamwork, a problem-solving process, and creativity

Change brings new possibilities. The focus for this year will be “Engineers Solve Problems as a Team.” The focus for 2021-22 will be “Creative Entrepreneurship and Collaboration.” 

Mr. Brown is the engineering instructor for 1st, 2nd, and 4th year engineering. Mr. Spycher teaches the 3rd year of engineering. Mr. Brown also runs the AP Computer Science classes.  

West Campus is an Amazon Future Engineer Partner School. AP Computer Science curriculum is through Edhesive. The website and curriculum will be available in July. Please email Mr. Brown if you’d like more information or are ready to get started. For the 2021-22 school year, we will have the AP CS Principals and AP CS A classes available to all West Campus students. 

In addition, we have a Rocketry Program/Club and a CREATE afterschool program. The Girls Who Code program is also supported by the Engineering Department. 

Engineering Classes:

  • Year 1 – Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) 
  • Year 2 – Principles of Engineering - (POE)
  • Year 3 – Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
  • Year 4 – Engineering Design & Development (EDD)

Students are not required to start with Year 1 engineering but are encouraged to do so. Year 4 engineering is only open to students who have taken two or more years of engineering. 

We have three additional clubs/afterschool programs for the engineering students.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: (Changes are being made to these classes due to online education obstacles. Details coming in late August.)

Year 1 – Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
First-year engineering students learn the process of engineering and applying that process with others. They learn how to create ideas, design, test, revise, innovate, understand underlying principals and properties, work together, and present their projects. These are not worksheets; they are designed for students to develop their own areas of skills and knowledge.

  • Engineering Units: 3D design, software engineering, architecture, graphics, reverse engineering, sketching, brainstorming, presenting, competitions, communication, problem solving, final project.
  • End-of-year project: Students prepare all year for this. They solve a problem that challenges them to use and enhance skills and knowledge from their previous projects. They will present these projects to all students during Engineering Day at the end of May. 
  • Value: Students learn the value of the skills and knowledge in each of their projects.

Year 2 – Principles of Engineering (POE)
Second-year engineering students take a more hands-on approach to learning. Projects are designed by the students so they can learn specific skills and knowledge. 

  • Through problems that engage and challenge, students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation. Students develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation.
  • End-of-year project: Students design a project that solves a problem that challenges them to use and enhance skills and knowledge from their previous projects. They present these projects to all students during Engineering Day at the end of May. 
  • Value: Students learn the value of the skills and knowledge in each of their projects.
  • Each student acquires at least one eMentor to advise and assist them in gaining insight and knowledge about their area of interest. They are also required to find outside experts for their end-of-year project.

Year 3 – Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
Students learn important aspects of building and site design and development. They apply math, science, and standard engineering practices to design both residential and commercial projects and document their work using 3-D architectural design software.

Year 4 – Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
The knowledge and skills students acquire throughout PLTW Engineering come together in Engineering Design & Development as they identify issues and then research, design, and test a solution, ultimately presenting their solution to a panel of parents and outside experts. Students apply the professional skills they have developed to document a design process to standards, completing Engineering Design & Development ready to take on any post-secondary program or career.

For more information contact:
Mr. Brown
Engineering, Programming, & Technology Teacher

American Rocketry Challenge


Students have formed a team for the American Rocketry Challenge. 2019-20 will be our first year competing in this contest.

Teams of 3-10 students will design and build a rocket in order to qualify for the contest. Contest rules are at This program will go through April or May 2020. Our first meeting was held on Wednesday, Sept. 25th, at lunch in Room 73. 

The team meets after school Fridays in room 73.


CREATE Engineering Program (2019-20)
After school on Wednesdays in Room 73


CREATE is an afterschool program supported by Sacramento Builders Exchange.

  • Students work with mentors from the building industry, competing against other high schools in the Sacramento region.
  • The 2019-20 program meets after school, for one hour, on Wednesdays in Room 73. 
  • Eight mentors from the building industry support the program.
  • The final competition will be held on December 11th. 

About the CREATE Program: