Administration-Student-Parent Collaboration
Review of the 2019-2020 Dress Code


This afternoon, from 12:00-3:00pm, administrators met with student leaders and a wonderful parent to discuss some concerns about the 2019-2020 dress code and how staff can enforce the dress code with dignity and respect for our students. Students were challenged with the task to 1). Understand the importance of gender-inclusive language when creating changes to the dress code 2). Provide clear and measurable ways to enforce the dress code 3). Provide clear and sustainable policies/consequences for dress code infractions.

After breaking out into committees, one student stated, “Being a leader is tough. The more we tried to change the dress code, the more we realized that one change may fit me, personally, but would totally undermine or hurt another student.”

With this awakening, administrators, students, and our wonderful parent looked carefully at the current policies, drafted proposals to revise, and voted democratically. I am extremely proud of our students’ commitment, advocacy, and humility to recognize that not all decisions can be made swiftly and without the consideration of the entire Warrior Community. 

Our students expressed a strong desire to have a seat at the table, and Mr. McMeekin and I will continue the Administration-Student-Parent Collaboration Cycles (dates/times for the semester will be updated soon). 

Please review our updated dress code that includes feedback from teachers, students, and parents. 

With Gratitude,
Dr. V