AP Update 5.14.21


Hello AP Families,

Please note the following update in preparation for exams next week:

  • AP Literature and AP Computer Science A students must complete the exam set up beginning on Saturday 5/15/21- 5/17/21. It is imperative that you do not wait until the day before administration to complete this step. Failure to complete “exam set up” will forfeit your opportunity to test.
  • Please check this roster for the latest testing location type (in person or at home). At this time, no further testing changes will be submitted. 
  • If you are testing in person for a digital exam and for AP Spanish/French, you must check out a SCUSD chromebook prior to the day of testing. 
  • You cannot use your personal device on campus to test. You cannot receive a chromebook on the day of testing. 
  • Please review this ppt asap to familiarize yourself with mandatory tasks before testing including: AP exam set up, check in process/time, acceptable calculators, etc.
  • AP Spanish and French students- please bring headphones with a microphone on testing day. Spend time this weekend practicing the DAC portal on your SCUSD chromebook. You must remember to erase practice recordings in time for testing.
  • AP Calc BC/AB students: please bring your own calculators to the testing location. We have a small supply available for check out on Monday. Your parent/guardian must sign the calculator release form. 
  • AP Chinese students- Dr V will send you an email on Monday with testing instructions. 
  • Again- no further changes can be made to the AP registration. In the event you need to make up an exam, students must request a makeup test using their MyAP portal. It is at the discretion of Collegeboard to honor makeup requests. 

I know this is an exciting and stressful time for our students. Please reach out to Dr. V if you have testing logistic questions after reviewing the ppt and roster.