Community College — Fall Courses
How to register


Attention Class of 2021:

The Sacramento City College Fall schedule is out and available on their website; however, we expect space to be limited because they are only offering online classes.

The registration procedure will be different than usual.

High school students have lower priority for enrollment, so we must wait while students with higher priority register before us. In the meantime…

1. Complete an online application. Submit the form online. This step can be completed immediately.

2. Start looking at what classes you may want to take and keep an eye on how they’re filling up. 

3. No sooner than June 15th: Complete an Advanced Education application form and submit to Ms. Bendickson or Mr. Navarrete. The form is attached here, under Related Links (look to the right or below, depending on what type of device you are using.)

4. The counselors will take care of submitting your Advanced Education application packet to the college in advance. 

Mr. Navarrete held a Zoom conference on Friday, June 12th, at 11:00am. The PowerPoint is available on this page, under Related Links. Please email him directly with further questions.