Equity Team Challenge
Week #2 - Unconscious Bias


Our second weekly Equity Team challenge focuses on conscious and unconscious bias and how they impact the way we interact with the world. Without self-reflection and active confrontation of our biases, we miss the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow. It’s our responsibility to learn our biases, understand their origins, and reframe the narratives we have because of them.

Main Challenge

Watch video – Verna Meyer: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them  (link to video, 18 minutes)

Go deeper and take Project Implicit’s Hidden Bias tests. We recommend you take the Race IAT. This is a free assessment and provided by Project Implicit, a network of scholars and researchers focused on implicit social cognition.

Self-Reflection Questions

  • What are you taking away from today’s challenge?
  • How do you want to apply Verna’s 3 tips into your life in confronting and overcoming certain biases?
  • Bonus: take a look at some current news headlines – are any of them biased? How would you re-word them to be more neutral?


Please consider joining us for our next Equity Team meeting on Monday, May 1 at 3:45 pm in Room 3. Students, parents, staff, and teachers are all invited to participate.