Improving college and career readiness and transition improves post-secondary success.


Housed at the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure that all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary education and training.

CCGI has two overarching objectives:All high school seniors in California graduate with clear post-secondary goals, and a plan for how to achieve them. Students’ academic transcript data follows them as they advance across educational systems to inform key decisions about admissions, placement, guidance, and financial aid.

CCGI partners with K-12 school districts to support students, counselors, parents, and community-based organizations with technological tools that help guide the college and career planning and preparation process.

The same technological platform houses, audits and transmits student data to help ensure more accurate and efficient decisions regarding admissions, financial aid and course placement.