UC Campus Fall Events
For Prospective Students


UC Campus Fall Events for Prospective Students

This fall, campuses are offering a variety of events for prospective students. Events may be offered in-person or virtually, and could change depending on current COVID-19 guidelines. 

Details about many of the open houses are still pending. As we learn of the details, we post these events as individual calendar items here on the West Campus website. 

  • UC Berkeley: Open House October 9; programming throughout September and October
  • UC Davis: Open House October 4-29; programming offered throughout the fall quarter
  • UC Irvine: Preview Week October 11-15 (Virtual)
  • UCLA: Open House September 25-30 (Virtual)
  • UC Merced: Programming available throughout September, October, and November
  • UC Riverside: Discover UCR November 1-4 (Virtual)
  • UC San Diego: Fall Showcase October 2; programming available throughout September, October, and November
  • UC Santa Barbara: Programming throughout October and November
  • UC Santa Cruz: Programming throughout September, October, and November