Upgrade Your Mask
Increase Your Protection from COVID-19


When cases are on the rise or your risk is higher, increase your protection by upgrading your mask.

Helpful Information from the California Department of Public Health (Read the whole article here.)

An effective mask has both good fit and good filtration. A well fitted mask has no gaps between the face and mask, such as above the nose or at the sides. Good fit forces the air that you breathe out and breathe in to go through the mask and be filtered. Good filtration blocks the virus particles from going through the mask itself.

Know which Masks Provide the Best Protection Against COVID-19

  • Most Effective: N95 (also best for wildfire smoke)
  • More Effective: KF94, KN95, Double Mask, or Fitted Surgical Mask
  • Effective: Surgical Mask
  • Least Effective: Fabric mask with three or more cloth layers

No matter what kind of mask you wear, check the fit and eliminate gaps above the nose or on the sides. Gaps will significantly reduce the effectiveness of any mask.

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