Cardboard Go-Kart Challenge 2019
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The engineering students will be designing a cardboard and recycled material Go-Kart

Contest starts Friday Oct 17. 

Building ends on Friday Oct 25. Groups can work on the project at home over the weekend of the 26th and 27th. 

Groups will compete Monday Oct 28 during class. 


Each group will be given one 10′ PVC 1/2″ pipe. The cart must fit a student driver in it. It will be pushed by another student. It will need to go 10 feet, turn right or left, then go 10 feet, then stop. The driver must be able to steer it and stop it without touching the ground. Additional rules will be handed out to groups Friday. Fame and Glory. For best overall design, best mechanical design, and best video. 

Pictures of Stage 1 posted. 

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