Schoolwork to Complete at Home
Stay connected with your teachers and classes


Some West Campus teachers are providing learning materials for students to use during the school closure. So far we have received the following. We will update this page as we receive additional.

If you are directed to a “related link”: On your screen, look below or to the right (depending on what type of device you are using).

In alphabetical order by last name of teacher:

  • Ms. Bell — English 10
    Email Ms. Bell for Edmodo code
  • Mr. Brown — Engineering (all classes, all students)
    See Google Classroom for assignments for that day.
    Office hours are online. See link in Google Classroom.
  • Mr. Darby  
    Math 3: Google Classroom code: gwjcrfn       
    Math 3+: Google Classroom code: v5istla
  • Ms. DeSio — English 9
    Google Classroom code: xqvy3ui
  • Ms. DeSio — English 10
    Google Classroom code: gdwwgkj
  • Mr. Laird — Economics
    1st period Google Classroom code: pqu4v4n
    2nd period Google Classroom code: vs65vkm
    6th period Google Classroom code: 3hlishi
  • Mr. Laird — AP US History
    4th period Google Classroom code: foila2e
    5th period Google Classroom code: 4jxnorm
  • Ms. Moore
    ASB: Google Classroom code: 5d3ujmv
    AP English Language & Composition: Google Classroom code: hzflvh6
  • Mr. Prashar
    IM 3+
    (1st & 5th periods): Google Classroom code: hpa7k35
    AP Calculus BC
    (2nd period): Google Classroom code: y3peh6s
    AP Statistics (3rd & 4th periods): Google Classroom code: 7magyqw
  • Ms. Scott
    AP World History
    (1st period) Google Classroom code: epioi7c
    US History (2nd-6th periods) Google Classroom code: 5rdauzt
  • Ms. Skvarla — AP World History
    4th period Google Classroom code: yquclrp
    5th period Google Classroom code: 5ymmant
  • Ms. Skvarla — World Georgraphy
    1st period Google Classroom code: voinott
    2nd period Google Classroom code: yixcl5d
    6th period Google Classroom code: marjrba
  • Ms. Stoutamore — OFFICE HOURS
    Click here for details about Office Hours for all classes.
  • Ms. Stoutamore — Math 2+ (1st period)
    Google Classroom code: 5bs4e4y
    Khan Academy: W76PFGM8
  • Ms. Stoutamore — Precalculus (2nd period)
    Google Classroom code: mmso3my
    Khan Academy: X9F34EHP
  • Ms. Stoutamore — Math 2+ (3rd period)
    Google Classrom code: ujfj6vm
    Khan Academy: 5QZH73VU
  • Ms. Stoutamore — Precalculus (4th period)
    Google Classroom code: la5bbfx
    Khan Academy: X9F34EHP
  • Ms. Stoutamore — Precalculus (5th period)
    Google Classroom code: fhth5pt
    Khan Academy: X9F34EHP
  • Ms. Stoutamore — SAT Prep
    Google Classroom code: c527ozf
  • Ms. Tarman 
    English 10: Google Classroom code: a6uxdhx
    Google Classroom code: 3bft7vr 
  • Ms. Thackeray
    ELA 9: Google Classroom code: 6nkwvpx
    French 1 & 2: Google Classroom code: majysmt
  • Ms. Tran — English 11
    3rd period Google Classroom code: haned5e
    5th period Google Classroom code: 4teegpt
  • Ms. Tran — AP English Literature
    1st period Google Classroom code: yn7ylzo
    4th period Google Classroom code: jt56uki
    6th period Google Classroom code: 3odsvuh
  • Ms. Vang-Her
    Beginning Art & Advanced Art
    (Periods 2, 3, 4, & 5) Google Classroom code: sftw5gz
    AP Art (5th period) Google Classroom code: rci7qel
    Yearbook (6th period) Google Classroom code: v4yhw5l

We hope you are able to make the most of this time during the district-wide closure. Please keep learning and stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you when West Campus reopens!