Student Clubs

Student Clubs
2019-2020 Academic Year (to be updated for 2020-2021)

Club Advisor & Location Meeting Time
AYE Crew (dance) Ms. DeSio (Rm 41) Fridays after school
Badminton Ms. Daigle (Gym) Mondays @ lunch
Band & Color Guard Ms. Fonseca (Rm 5 & Soccer Field) Mon & Wed @ lunch & after school
Beautification Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73) Mondays @ lunch
Black Student Union Dr. Versher (Library) Wednesdays @ lunch
Brown Issues Mr. Pasillas (Rm 3) Wednesdays @ lunch
California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Mr. Mapplebeck (Rm 63) Every other Thursday @ lunch
Chinese Culture Club Ms. Kapp (Rm 54) Every other Friday @ lunch
Christian Club Ms. Bell (Rm 1) Every other Fri. @ lunch
Club Give and Love Ms. Kapp (Rm 54) Mondays after school
Color Guard Ms. Fonseca Wed/Fri 5:30-8PM
Cosplay Convention Club Ms. Vang-Her (Rm 64) Fridays @ lunch
CREATE Mr. Brown (Rm 73) Wednesdays after school
Debate Mr. Pasillas (Rm 3) Thursdays after school
Dessert Club Ms. Moore (Rm 62) Mondays @ lunch
Drama Club Ms. Moore (Rm 62) Tuesdays @ lunch
Engineering Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73/56) Tuesdays after school
Environmental Club Mr. Mapplebeck (Rm 63) 3rd Monday of the month, after school
Feminist Coalition Mr. Laird (Rm 2) Wednesdays @ lunch
Filipino American Club Ms. Bell (Rm 1) Fridays after school
Folklorico Dance Ms. Jaime (Rm 22) Fridays after school
French Honor Society    
Gamers Unite Ms. DeSio (Rm 41) Mondays @ lunch
Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Ms. Podsednik (Rm 31) Wednesdays @ lunch
Girls Who Code Mr. Brown (Rm 73) Every other Tues. after school
Green Team Ms. Bestgen (Rm 46) TBD
Hiking Club Mr. Spycher (Rm 17) Every other Wed. @ lunch
Hmong Club Ms. Vang-Her (Rm 64) 1st/3rd Thur. of the month @ lunch
Interact Club (international action) Mr. Laird (Rm 2) Mondays @ lunch
Japanese Anime & Manga (JAM) Ms. DeSio (Rm 41) Tuesdays after school
Javelin Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73/Field) 2 Tuesdays a month @ lunch
Jazz Band Ms. Fonseca (Rm 59) Fridays 3:30-5:30
Key Club Ms. Bestgen (Rm 46) Wednesdays @ lunch
Korean Club Ms. Lucca (Rm 32) Wednesdays after school
Latino Club Ms. Jaime (Rm 22) Every other Wed. @ lunch
M.E. (Movimiento Estudiantil) Ms. Jaime (Rm 22) Mondays after school
Mark Twain Debate Club Mr. Pasillas (Mark Twain Elementary School) Tuesdays after school
Mathletes Mr. Pasillas/Ms. Stoutamore (Rm 43) Fridays @ lunch
Men’s Leadership Academy (MLA)    
MESA Ms. Bell (Rm 1) Thursdays @ lunch
Mission Vida Mr. Pasillas (Rm 3) Mon. & Fri. @ lunch
Moot Court Ms. Scott (Rm 28) Mondays @ lunch
National Honor Society (NHS) Mr. Mapplebeck (Rm 63) Every other Thurs. @ lunch
Pacific Islanders United Ms. Vang-Her (Rm 64) Every other Mon. after school
Poetry and Prose Ms. Moore (Rm 62) Thursdays after school
Programming & Technology Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73)  
Rockapella Ms. Moore (Rm 62) Tuesdays after school
Rocketry Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73)  
Scrub Club Ms. Kapp (Rm 54) Fridays @ lunch
Shake It Up (dance club) Ms. Trinh (Rm 47) Tuesdays @ lunch
Skate Club Mr. Hotell (Rm 70) Thursdays after school
Spicy Uno Club Ms. Lucca (Rm 32)  Mondays @ lunch
Spikeball Mr. Prashar (Old soccer field) Wednesdays @ lunch
Steam On Mr. Brown (Rm 73) Every other Wed. after school
Taekwondo Club Ms. Daigle (Gym) Every other Fri. @ lunch
Tennis Club Mr. Brown (Rm 73) 1st Tues. of the month, after school
Tik Tok Club Ms. Stoutamore (Rm 43) Mondays @ lunch
Video Production Club Mr. Pasillas (Rm 3) Tues. after school & Wed. @ lunch
Water Guardians Ms. DeSio (Rm 41) 1 Wed. per month
Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA)    
Written Podcast Club Ms. Samaan (Library) Tuesdays @ lunch