Principal's Message

Principal’s Message


Greetings West Campus Stakeholders,

I am excited for a new school year!  This year we welcome six teachers who will be new to West Campus.  Please make them feel welcome to our community.  Additionally, we welcome our new Vice Principal – Dr. Elysse Versher – please assist me in making our new staff feel at home.

West Campus is a close community and I encourage students, parents, and staff to seek me out to discuss concerns.  Through a collaborative partnership, we can enjoy our educational experience and develop skills to compete in college and beyond. 

During the first two days of school, I had the opportunity to witness the resilience of our students and staff.  Our power was out for a little over an hour on Friday, yet student learning and instruction continued in each class that I visited.  Mr. Hotell calmly sent his AP Physics students outside to take advantage of our new science wing’s outdoor learning areas. 

Thank you,

John McMeekin – Principal